The prototype build stage is often characterized by urgency, limited documentation, and designs which are unproven. Significant engineering and materials management support are necessary and available in order to guarantee the best outcome.

Typically 80% of a product's manufactured cost is set by choices made by the designer, who may be under considerable time pressure and focused on the immediacy of creating a working prototype. WinTronics offers valuable support that enables designers to make more informed decisions that ultimately affect the total lifetime cost of a product.

Customer engineering data is reviewed for component availability, process suitability, and manufacturability prior to use. This ensures that delivery dates and costs are accurately and professionally assessed prior to quotation and that any improvements, errors, and omissions within the data can be addressed.

WinTronics integrates all information received or generated within our purchasing and engineering systems in order to establish a reference point for consistent manufacture and change control.

WinTronics' flexible capacity management and automatic placement and inspection machines allow us to rapidly assemble prototypes using ongoing production processes. This approach ensures a repeatable, smooth, and cost effective transition into full production status.